The Essence of Business – Discovering My Golden Point

There are no right answers when it comes to business.

When someone advocates for option A, there will always be another who advises against it.

Numerous influential minds, books, and even those that took the same path you’re taking right now will overwhelm you with advice. It’s only natural for blooming start-up business owners to struggle to drink out of the firehose.

Ex) Today’s sales and profits are of utmost importance. Anyone who tells you different is scamming you. Vs Taking a loss here and there is something everyone has to put up with to gain greater profit tomorrow.

This is where I realized that there is no right answer in business. Furthermore, I imagine this same principle applies to the essence of life.

Everything has two sides, advantages and disadvantages. Analyzing these differences and discovering my own path is what really matters. I call this an individual’s “Golden Point”.

Start-ups that prioritize profit are advantageous in that it’s easy to attract investors and that you can have a financial peace of mind when conducting business.

Nevertheless, time and resources still need to be invested into growth and other technological advancements. Services like KakaoTalk may’ve not been able to survive in the market had they developed their revenue models simultaneously.

All the same, dominating the market first does not guarantee success either. There are many instances where businesses transition profitably like Facebook, KakaoTalk, and Amazon, but many others carry the risk of disappearing unnoticed.

The degree to which all advice influences my company fluctuates depending on the current situation, field of business, strengths, and products. It wouldn’t be very discerning of me to blindly propel forward with a new business product after reading Peter Thiel’s “Zero to One”, despite me not being a very creative person.

In order to lead this venture to a success, I’d probably need to copy other business models and execute it flawlessly, takeover someone else’s business, or find a partner who complements the creative aspect of things. My advisors bear no responsibility for my choices. The only person who can take responsibility for my choices is myself. That’s why when I’m advised option A, I mull over contrasting options and carefully weigh the advantages/disadvantages.

The elusive “Golden Point” can never be pinpointed in a single attempt. Moreover, the same “Golden Point” may not last forever.

The fickle process of finding one’s “Golden Point” can be illustrated like so. If you’re being too aggressive in a game and die a lot, you tend to become more passive. But then you find that being too passive doesn’t yield any results, so you become more assertive. As you repeat this process, you start to see the most efficient and effective point of aggression and passivity, X.

Then the meta changes after updates and patches. You’re playing your usual game that used to rack up a lot of kills, only to find your teammates flaming you for overextending. Then you dial it back a notch and tone down the aggressiveness… Business cannot be learned solely through books and theories, but through the process of finding one’s “Golden Point”.

The essence of business lies in discovering who I am as an individual and how many “Golden Points” I can find.

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