Sometimes You Just Have to Move Your Body

Attempting new challenges and pushing your limits beyond who you were yesterday are daunting tasks. From what I’ve observed thus far, people only attempt new things after they’ve thoroughly understood the task at hand.

All things considered, I hold the belief that rapid growth can be achieved by taking action and attempting something in the absence of complete comprehension.

For example, let’s say that I’m a bronze player and the person coaching me is a challenger. If I want to get better, it’s probably in my best interest to go with whatever the challenger tells me to do.

Generally speaking, guidance is accompanied by explanation. Yet the knowledge and wisdom someone possess’ oftentimes cannot be explained or elucidated. Not to mention that we’re no longer in school and that person is under no obligation to hold my hand throughout the entire process.

Any time I’m granted opportunities like this, I consider three aspects.

The worst possible outcome, what I can gain in the best possible scenario, and Plans B, C, D, E, and even F. If the overall outcome is beneficial to me even after all of these elements are factored in, I take action even if it doesn’t really make sense to me.

There were many instances where following this methodology resulted in significant growth and profit. And even when things seemed to be going south, the situation could usually be mitigated at the Plan C level.

Sometimes it’s faster to take action and discover the answer for yourself than to wait for someone else to explain it to you.

P.S. I think it’s not such a bad thing for a person to hit rock bottom at least once in their lifetime. There’s no question that it’ll be a painful experience, but the minimum threshold that you’ll be able to endure will gradually decrease.

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