Business, People, and the Moment of Truth

The most challenging aspect of running a business is the human aspect.

Fully understanding an individual, regardless of the level of intimacy, can be extremely difficult.

More often than not, people conceal their true intentions and desires behind a facade of social acceptability. They choose to maintain a courteous demeanor and adhere to conventional customs and courtesies. These pleasant, agreeable words may or may not have any sincerity behind them. 

What makes difficult words difficult to say? When it comes to difficult conversations, the challenge doesn’t necessarily arise from the intention, whether it be good or bad.

It could be in consideration of the other person, or maybe it’s because you’re worried about retribution. Or perhaps you’re just tired of conflict. So, then you may ask, at what point is the truth laid bare? Discerning a person’s true inner thoughts can be challenging when everything is going smoothly.

An individual’s deepest thoughts and emotions only surface during a clash of conflicting opinions. During these struggles to see eye to eye, we are left eagerly awaiting to see what decisions they’ll make.

I call situations like these the “moment of truth.” It can be intimidating to face these moments of truth, but they are necessary to affirm what lies at the bottom of each other’s hearts. The thoughts of even those closest to us can turn out to be completely different from what we expect them to be.

However, it’s important to remember that not everyone will always agree with what we envision. Making necessary concessions and compromising is essential to maintaining long, healthy relationships. At times, these ‘moments of truth’ are necessary to see the sincerity behind those who stand by us.

I experienced many of these moments during one of the most challenging periods in my business life last year. I experienced many, many moments of truth and had to let many people go.

But I was thankful for the opportunity to reaffirm the sincerity and loyalty behind those that stood by me and to make room for new people. Both good and bad times come and go in life.

Perhaps we should reconsider the bad times as opportunities to face the ‘moments of truth’ that are inaccessible during good times.

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