The Secret Behind Being Forever Stuck in Bronze, Longer Hours Don’t Necessarily Bring Better Results

Business skills, planning abilities, developer skills, strategizing skills..
Although accurate measurements may be difficult to render, I believe numerically expressing various fields of business and quantifying abilities is possible. General business skills can be divided into various specialties such as human resources, budgeting, and other fields, not to mention abilities that compliment these jobs.
Project planning also requires various skillsets such as structuralization, drafting documents, etc.
There are also abilities and skills that can be utilized in various ways among these aforementioned skillsets, or those that can only be utilized in specific, unique fields.
For example, drafting up documents can be applied to many different areas.

I’m no pro when it comes to playing League of Legends, but using League as an example, the game requires the player to utilize various skillsets such as map reading, warding, farming, and pure mechanics among others.

Do these skillsets improve with more playtime?
They do to some extent when you first begin to play. But as time passes, each individual player stumbles across their natural limitations.
I believe Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 Hour Rule – “true mastery in any field requires 10,000 hours of practice” is easy to misinterpret.
Even the most passionate person who practices their craft for 10,000 hours cannot break past their limits if their efforts are applied incorrectly.
There are plenty of hardstuck bronze players in League that have played over 10,000 hours.

Then what can be done to break this barrier?
Just as how skillpoints need to be allotted to various skills in games, conscious effort is needed to get past limits.

1. Decide which skill you want to improve. (Tip. It’s more effective to bring out your strengths while supplementing your weaknesses.)
2. Split up the skills into a detailed list, then select skill that you want to improve.
3. Form a plan on how you’re going to improve that chosen skill.

It’s helpful to bring a highly skilled professional into the process to view and analyze the situation objectively.
There are also various ways to make progress in the skillset areas that we split earlier. It’s also a good idea to listen to a professional at this stage as well. Professionals are well aware of how to consciously improve specific skillsets within their respective fields.

For example, there’s a practice method in Overwatch that improves shooting abilities. Professional Overwatch players have said in an interview that they download a separate Steam game that is solely dedicated to the purpose of improving aim.
Before I’d heard that, I had only been practicing in the game’s native practice mode, only to realize that the pros had a much more effective practicing method. It’s more helpful to seek out the help of masters in a respective field, instead of wasting time by oneself.

1. Acquire relevant knowledge. (Books, videos, etc.)
2. Isolate and practice only relevant actions (ex. Practicing skills on a dedicated platform)
3. Find a person who’s better at that specific skillset and raise your standards. (ex. (Watch Lee Young-ho’s YouTube channel)
4. Get trained by a professional.

I am intent on not sparing any expenses in order to have Adler go through processes 1~4.

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