* “I give up” (Can’t, Impossible) should be the last words out of your mouth.

* Don’t whine. It’s contagious. Try to find an alternative solution before you do any whining.

* Strive to break limits instead of talking about limits.

* Use any means necessary to find a solution.

* If you’re doubting the possibility of something, chances are, you’ll fail. Give 150% to make it happen.

* Don’t blame others, blame yourself. Rain or shine, it’s your responsibility.

* Don’t ignore any bad hunches. Check everything thoroughly.

* Don’t expect change when you’re doing the same thing as everybody else and living life the same as yesterday.

* Keep promises like your life depends on it.

* Nothing is absolute in business. Think critically.


* Time is the most constraining condition for startups. Work needs to get done in the least amount of time ‘physically’ possible.

* Don’t pass over decisions or work to others.

* If you can’t decide something after thinking it over for 5 seconds, discuss it with someone else.

* Make a draft as soon as possible and start business immediately.

* If the work is equal in quality, choose whatever’s fast and cheap. Don’t say that you weren’t aware of this truth.

* If a task is inexpensive or can easily be recovered, just do it. If that’s not the case, be prudent.

* Bring out ambiguous tasks out into the open and quickly make a decision on it. Don’t say that you weren’t tracking.


* You need to have a routine before you can improve. Keep to your routine when times are tough.

* Assess the value of the time you’re investing. Work smart, not hard.

* Predict and eliminate future tasks. Automate, delegate, and outsource repetitive tasks.

*  A good worker is better than a hard worker. Don’t be hardstuck bronze.

* Listening to and emulating a bronze player will only land you in bronze.

* Let bronze words go in through one ear and out the other if you want to reach diamond.

* Learn. And learn some more. You have to learn by any means necessary to survive.


* The objective of work quality is to make a “miracle” happen within an alotted period of time.

* There’s a lot more that I can do. Dont’ settle for mediocre goals. Your progress will be stunted.

* Even when the degree of completion of your work is lacking, find ways to raise the bar.

* Detail is everything. Put your soul into everything you do, you need the mindset of a master.

Putting it Into Practice

* Don’t rely on your memories, put faith into documenting everything.

* Start with priorities, tasks that you don’t want to do.

* Take cahrge and be proactive, don’t wait for instructions. If you’re receiving instructions, look for ways that you won’t need instructions.


*Communication is the responsibility of the communicator. 

* Think from the responder’s perspective when asking questions. Don’t expect to be spoon fed everything.

* People don’t change overnight with a single conversation. They most likely won’t change even with a hundred conversations. Talk to them until they change. 

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