The Impact of Habitual Whining

If you are a professional, you should think about what you have to say at work, not what you want to say. You can be honest to your friends and family outside of the office. But having such an attitude at work can be very dangerous.

We must be extremely careful not to whine and complain as a habit.

Words spread like wildfire. Negativity spreads 10 times faster.

One word of negativity can bring down not only the naysayer’s but also the entire team’s morale.

One word of positivity can help the entire team take a step forward. 

You must consider the significant ripple effect your words have on the team. 

What is the benefit of whining about the current situation? The only reward is momentary emotional relief. And it can be poisonous. Without fundamental change, the situation will repeat itself. And you fall into a vicious cycle.

Whine and complain -> brings down others’ morale -> nothing gets better -> whine more 

This is not to say be positive about everything. It is about how to express your opinion.

Do not talk to irrelevant people around you. The better option is to talk one-on-one with the person in charge.  

Add up the number of words we say and write in a day; perhaps it is about 1,000?

In other words, we only get 1,000 moves everyday in the game of Go called business.

The number of moves is limited. So should we not make each move with careful attention? 

And all the moves will add up to represent our competence.

In modern society, everyone has free will. We must bitterly recognize that it was our choice to be where we are. We are left to decide whether to stay and improve, or to leave work that is not our cup of tea.

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