Looking at the company on fire, with composure.

Businesses face a range of challenges.

Manpower, money is limited. And work, problems, issues are piled up.

I feel like a start-up has many of its parts on fire.

It is like having small to big wildfires in different parts of a forest.

But all I have in my hands is a single fire hose. 

Setting out to extinguish all of the fires will be overwhelming.

It is fundamentally impossible anyway. A lack of “physical” resources must be acknowledged.

I rather think it is imperative to be able to take a step back, be composed, and look at the fires.

My team and I have very limited resources, all of which are valuable. The more important goal is to decide to extinguish one fire before another and do the job properly, rather than try to extinguish all.

For example, if my house were on fire with my family in there, wouldn’t I put it out right there and then? Rushing around in confusion will burn everything down.

Is your company on fire here and there? It’s normal.

Take some time and think about which fire to put out first.

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