My strength that’s hard to know.

I realized that intelligence was my strength for the first time in 26 years.

I didn’t think much of it when people called me smart and just thought they were being polite and making conversation.
And as I saw and met the great minds of our time, I began to doubt myself and saw myself as a nobody compared to them.
I was so absorbed with noticing my faults that I failed to pay any attention to my strengths.
I believed that early graduation and good grades were all a result of my hard work.
I found learning new things easy and enjoyable. I didn’t consider being good at something so easy very admirable.
I was embarassed to admit my strengths.

As I worked with team members, I found that they were oblivious to their own strengths that were so blaringly obvious to me.
Some team members were witty and clever while others were artistically talented. Some were kind and caring.

But more often than not, whenever I spoke to these team members about their strengths, they were unware of their talents.
They were also unable to understand others that didn’t possess the same talents as they did.
For various reasons mentioned above, humans are intrinsically designed to where they are blind to their own strengths.

Do you wish to know where your strengths lie?
You just may find a hint in things that others find difficult but comes easily to you.

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