Maximizing Productivity: Getting Multiple Birds with One Stone

Everyone is given the same 24 hours in a day.
There’s a limited number of actions an individual can take within a single day.
As such, business capabilities are dependent on how much output can be produced within a limited number of actions. It’s important to consider how much ‘use’ can be rendered with a single usage of ‘action’.

People are normally satisfied with getting 1, 2 or 3 birds with one stone.
But it’s also possible to get even 7~8 birds with a single stone if you rack your brain enough.
You can only maximize the value of each and every second through such radical means.
It’s much more beneficial to take the time to plan out a strategy that can take care of N number of objectives as opposed to immediately executing a plan that knocks out 2 or 3 objectives.

As an example, I created a social media account because I can achieve multiple goals through the single action of writing.

  1. Personal PR
  2. Sharing my thoughts with those around me.
  3. Adler branding.
  4. Discovering coincidental opportunities: new friends, recruitment, consulting, collaboration etc.
  5. Organizing my thoughts.
  6. Getting my weekly Saturday team lectures ready.
  7. Motivation to study more.
  8. Taking pleasure in being able to help others.
  9. Marketing studies.

I’ve been uploading my entries to five different platforms through the help of my team members in order to capture multiple birds with a single stone. It’s possible to drastically improve productivity for the same task with a little bit of tweaking. [Instagram, Facebook, Naver Blog, LinkedIn]

Days are short. Hitting N birds with one stone is essential to make the most of your days.

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